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This gives you free access to things like TeleDoc, Rx Discounts, Identity Protection, Road side assistance, Tech Support, and incredible rates on Mobile, VOIP, and Data services on the top brands, Tech Coverage as well. Plus shopping discounts, and savings on travel and amusements. It really makes talking to a business owner more about listening and finding how we will be there for them. We ARE Business Services.

Bonus For Joining our Team

What’s In It for You?

  • Additionally Natural & Organic Products, about 42 total products
  • Print Services, Clothes Lines, Make up and Jewelry Lines
  • Everyone gets paid on ALL 7 levels from day one and DAC funds feed YG pay plan
  • Every month you order 50 PV, you get 200 FREE leads (we get you your type of leads)
  • Team postcard marketing system for new movers in your area as you grow
  • Team Advertising CO-OP in National Campigns
  • Free capture pages, autoresponder and online marketing system provided to my team & legacies
  • No membership fees
  • 7 Free replicated websites
  • Low monthly qualification (only 50 BV) to maximize pay plan - which is about $50 to $65 in purchases
  • Killer compensation plan, great for part-timer and full-timers
  • Generous rank advancement bonuses
  • Monthly corporate and team contests
  • Secret Facebook group for our team
  • Team training webinar every Tuesday night
  • The clothing, business cards, postcards and marketing materials are commissionable volume
  • 20-year old company no one has heard of
  • Team training website
  • No breakage or balancing legs

I am currently one of the top affiliate in the Service side of the company. I am more than willing to work with you, support you and help you reach your goals. I won’t build your business for you, but I will match your efforts each step of the way.

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