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Bringing real solutions to small business owners, as a trusted advisor is the key to success. Use your years of life experience to strike up a conversation,  and if a need is found, suggest they look into our services. Hire a team, to do walk ins, and be the follow up, or just send them to us, and we will help them, and pay you.

Solutions Families Can Use Too

No matter who you know, we have something they would be interested in. Be the person they look to for recommendations. Saving money is my favorite, but health, clothes, make up, Tech support, ID and Auto coverage, crafts, & CBD are part of our umbrella. All from a 20 year, publicly traded company.

Don't Bug Your People

In the No Friends League? This is a real business, that helps people live the lifestyle they want. If you are ambitious, we will teach you how to find leads, run ads, or get traffic, to the things that resonate with you, helping you create the business you want, to succeed your way.

Our Services

As a 20 year old company. we have done the leg work to bring the best possible products to market. We know there are many types of people, and they all deserve a chance to be successful and happy. We want to be the brand known for that. We would love to show you how to retire on your terms.


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We are available in 41 countries, but you may be anywhere worldwide, if you have a network. We will support you.

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Join a growing team, that already has the resources in place to help you get to the next level.

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in the last 12 months.

We donate to our Be the Change foundation, as well as Participate in monthly Acts of Random Kindness, and Wealth Wednesdays.

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