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Healing U Webinar Series

The Path Known is Attainable, No Matter where You Begin

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We have a series of Topics here, and would love you to learn about them all, Feel free to poke around. This is a safe place.

Health Webinar

Learn That Most Disease is Caused by Nutrient Poor Diet

Save on Dr Visits & Rxs

Getting Access to a

Board Certified Doctor

24-7-365    &

Save 85% on Rx

Your Mind is Where to Start

Mindfulness is a Management Style, Learn how to alter your thoughts, be happy, and in control

Health Recipes

Small Changes for BIG Results

Learn why to eat certain foods

How to Make them Favorites

Practice makes perfect.


How Long Will This Take?

Our programs run from 15 mins to lifetime learning.

The depth is up to you.

We chunk it up into small pieces, as well as leave it in long format, so you can get the message,

& re-listen to the parts you heard that resonate with you.

See what people say

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WAIT, WAIT...Everyone is talking at once... Here are a few actual Testimonies...

Chronic Fatigue, and Bloat is why I watched.

In the 6 month since I first started, I had my mom and sister join me, and we all feel more full of life.

I thought I was doing all I could for my health, but I was missing 1 critical piece, that made everything else work better.

Merry Doe Via Twitter


I had no idea that Mind Models were the Key to making the lasting changes I have being trying to implement with such little success.

Within minutes of using the proposed questioning, I made huge changes, that I barely noticed, but it has changed how everyone else interacts with me. It is like magic,

Cornelia Wimmer Via Twitter


Beans, beans, they're good for your heart
The more you eat, the more you fart
The more you fart, the better you feel
So let's eat beans with every meal

Jakob Koller Via Twitter


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